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    OMT offers high quality ice block machine for fish yard, food plant, events,super markets etc. Here we primary supply three types of ice block makers: Salt Water Cooling Type, Direct Cooling Type and Containerized Type. Traditional salt water type is economic type and affordable, very popular in Africa, Middle East ,Oceania and America. Direct cooling type makes very clean and edible ice block, also no need chemical material during production. The containerized type is a mobile ice block plant, customers no need special workshop for it, also can move to different places.

    OTB50 Ice Block Machine-for 1000pcs of 5kg Ice

    OMT OTB50 Ice Block Machine is large capacity machine, which adopts anti rust and corrosion free material -stainless steel 304 for salt water tank and ice moulds, using world first class components like Germany Bitzer compressor, Denmark Danfoss cooling parts, Korea electric components etc. Machine unit and salt water tank is separate, customers only need to connect the water pipes and electricity.... ....

    OMT 1000kg Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 1000kg per day tube ice machine can be single phase or three phase type for the power connection, good for beginners. ice size for option: 18mm, 22mm, 29mm, 35mm etc. ....

    OTCS300 Small Capacity Ice Cube Machine

    This Small Capacity Ice Cube Machine makes ice cubes by spraying water onto refrigerated cups, freezing the water layer by layer until the cube has reached the required size. Then the cups heat up slightly, allowing the cubes to detach and fall into the storage bin below. New water is drawn in and the process begins again. When the bin is full, this is detected automatically by the machine which s.... ....

    OMT 2000kg Tube Ice Machine

    OMT 2Ton tube ice machine makes 2000kg tube ice in 24hrs. This machine normally is air cooled type condenser, split /remotoe condenser also fine. ....

    OTC20 Cube Ice Machine

    OMT 2ton cube ice machine is a daily capacity 2000kg/24 hrs machine,widely used in hotels, restaurants, bars, banquet halls, fast food shops, convenience stores, drink shops and so on.Its very popular in some hot countries. OMT 2ton Cube Ice Machine Technical Parameter: Model OTC20 Machine Capacity 2,000 KG/24HRS Ice Size 22MM*22MM*22MM/29MM*29MM*22MM Cube Ice Weight Density 500-550 KG/CBM Cube Ic.... ....

    OTCS500 Commercial Ice Cube Machine

    As to the material of ice cube maker, we use 304 stainless steel for the frame and outer shell plate and use Nickel-plate Brass material for producing ice maker (ice molds). The whole processing of cube ice reaches the international standard for hygiene. So the cube ice is safe to eat. OMT 500kg Commercial Ice Cube Machine Technical Parameter: Model Number OTCS500 Ice Shape Cube Ice/Square Ice Ice... ....