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    OMT offers high quality ice block machine for fish yard, food plant, events,super markets etc. Here we primary supply three types of ice block makers: Salt Water Cooling Type, Direct Cooling Type and Containerized Type. Traditional salt water type is economic type and affordable, very popular in Africa, Middle East ,Oceania and America. Direct cooling type makes very clean and edible ice block, also no need chemical material during production. The containerized type is a mobile ice block plant, customers no need special workshop for it, also can move to different places.

    OMT Cold Room Panels

    OMT Cold Room Panel Polyurethane panel : Polyurethane (PU) panel ( insulated panel), the sandwich board rigid polyurethane (PU) foam high pressure, both inside and outside the metal surface layer, the option of color-coated steel plate, PPGI, embossed aluminum, stainless steel plate and galvanized steel and other materials, PU cold storage is generally modular cold storage, from polyurethane base ....

    OMT Cold Room Doors

    OMT provides two types of door for cold room , one is slide door, the other is swing door. SLIDING DOOR Introduction: Slidedoor: OMT slide doors are made of corrosion-freealuminum alloy material and nylon roller,S/S rollers shelf,screw,nut,washer. Up-open and Down-close: the system installed are inner of slide-way, whichtakesthe advantage of gravity theory to make sure the door isclosed. Handle: s ....

    OMT Cold Room Application

    OMT Cold Room OMT Cold Room Unit Application of Cold Room : OMT Coldroom commonly includesfruit storage,meat storage,frozen storage,blast freezer storage.Cold drinks, meat, poultry, aquatic products, hotels, supermarkets, the pharmaceutical industry,chemical industry, agricultural systems, Logistics etc. Specifications:tosuitdifferent requirements of customers. Characterized as follows: thermal in ....

    OCR200 Cold Room

    OMT Cold room adopts stainless steel or colorbond steel for materials of panels, thickness of panels can be 50mm, 100mm or 150mm. 100% low flammable polyurethane foam are used in the sandwich panel with the density about 38~42kg/m3 B2 grade flame retardant. OMT 60ton Stainless Steel Cold Room Technical Parameter: ModelNumber OCR200 MachineCapacity 60T/24HRS Compressor 20HP, Bock/ Bitzer ,Germany P ....

    OCR150 Cold Storage Room

    OMT Storage Room is built by polyurethane sandwich panels, which is easy to install, disassemble or expand if necessary, working condition is available from +5 degree up to + 45 Degree ambient air temperature. OMT 45ton Cold Storage Room Technical Parameter: ModelNumber OCR150 MachineCapacity 45T/24HRS Compressor 15HP,Bock/ Bitzer ,Germany PanelsMaterial ColorbondpaintedsteelorStainlessSteel304 Pa ....

    OCR120 Ice Storage Cold Room

    OMT Cold Room is for 10CBM to 200CBM, the size can be designed according to your demand.It has the door so that you can storage ice very conveniently. It is for a integrated refrigeration system. OMT 36ton Ice Storage Cold RoomTechnical Parameter: Model Number OCR120 Machine Capacity 36T/24HRS Compressor 15HP, Bock/ Bitzer ,Germany Panels Material Colorbond painted steel or Stainless Steel 304 Pan ....