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    OMT Ice provides two type of cube ice machines which widely use in lab, hotel, bars, restaurant, hosiptal, food plant, supermarket et. One type is Commercial Type, capacity range from 20kg/24h to 1,500kg/24h, the other is Industrial Type, this type is large production capacity, range from 1,000kg/24h to 20,000kg/24h.The machine is designed to meet with food grade standard, very clean and all the ice is edible.

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  • OTCS500 Commercial Ice Cube Machine

    As to the material of ice cube maker, we use 304 stainless steel for the frame and outer shell plate and use Nickel-plate Brass material for producing ice maker (ice molds). The whole processing of cube ice reaches the international standard for hygiene. So the cube ice is safe to eat. OMT 500kg Commercial Ice Cube Machine Technical Parameter: Model Number OTCS500 Ice Shape Cube Ice/Square Ice Ice... ....

    OTCS700 Ice Cube Making Machine

    This machine is separated design,machine unit and ice storage tank is separated, convenient to transport , and the ice storage amount is large(470kg).Ice dropping and outgoing automatically, reduce the possibility of contact by human, which can guaranty the ice clean and sanitary. ....

    OTCS900 Cube Ice Maker

    OMT Cube Ice Maker has been adopted LED touch Screen,which can adapt the ice thickness easily,and the galvanize ice moulds whichensuresfoodstandardice. so theiceisverycleanand safe for health. OMT 900kg Cube Ice Maker Technical Parameter: Model Number OTCS900 Ice Shape Cube Ice/Square Ice Ice Size 22*22*22MM/29*29*22MM Machine Capacity 900KG Ice Bin 470KG Cube Ice Grip Quantity 13*18*2 Cooling Way.... ....

    OTCS400 Small Cube Ice Machine

    OMT small cube ice machine products fresh, crystal-clear cube ice that tumbles into glasses at restaurants, bars and convenience stores around the world. The ice makerscools drinks while preserving the flavor of every beverage. OMT 400kg Small Cube Ice Machine Technical Parameter: Model Number OTCS400 Ice Shape Cube Ice/Square Ice Ice Size 22*22*22MM/29*29*22MM Machine Capacity 400KG Ice Bin 280KG.... ....

    OTCS300 Small Capacity Ice Cube Machine

    This Small Capacity Ice Cube Machine makes ice cubes by spraying water onto refrigerated cups, freezing the water layer by layer until the cube has reached the required size. Then the cups heat up slightly, allowing the cubes to detach and fall into the storage bin below. New water is drawn in and the process begins again. When the bin is full, this is detected automatically by the machine which s.... ....

    OTCS250 Small Ice Cube Maker

    Our Small Ice Cube Maker can make ice from 20kg to 1500kg per day. And 250kg ice cube Maker is one of the most popular machine,machine dimension is 780*825*1650mm and ice bin capacity is 210kg. All our machines are made of stainless steel bodywork with plastic storage bins for hygiene and ease of cleaning. OMT 250kg Small Ice Cube Maker Technical Parameter Model Number OTCS250 Ice Shape Cube Ice/S.... ....